Best Moisturizer Creams for Oily,Dry and Acne sensitive Skin in 2019

Discover what makes for the best face and body moisturizer for you whether you have dry skin or oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin. You want a moisturizing cream that is a natural, non-comedogenic moisturizer so your pores don’t get clogged up. Secondly, a good, anti-aging moisturizer should be high in antioxidants to fight off free radials which make you look older because they break down your skin’s connective tissue. Most moisturizing creams on the market are made of mostly water and vegetable oil which has been refined (which means it has been stripped of antioxidants). Each moisturizing cream below meets all of these criteria.

All of our moisturizers, including our face moisturizer, are made using unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. This means they contain a lot of antioxidants to help prevent wrinkles and slow down the aging process generally. Each is a natural moisturizer that hydrates and nourishes the skin for longer lasting results. Each is a non-comedogenic moisturizer – from our very popular face moisturizer with Tamanu Oil to our new all-over body moisturizer (also with Tamanu Oil) made by special request from our existing customers.

This coconut oil moisturizer is one of the best coconut oil moisturizers to use on your body as it is an anti-aging, cocount oil moisturiser
made from the best Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut moisturizers or coconut oil moisturizers are the best moisturisers to use on your body.

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Ngali Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Pure Water, Fragrance – Vanilla & Lime Essential Oil.

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