Acne: all what you need to know

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Table of Contents What Causes Acne?Does Stress Cause Acne?What role does nutrition play in acne?Does the Sun help against Acne?What is the most effective way to treat Acne?What types of cosmetics and cleaners can a patient with Acne use?Is it harmful to overwrite my mistakes?Can anything be done about acne scars?How long do I have […]

New, Easier Way to a Better Smile Makes a Younger

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With Botox, your forehead could be smooth without age, your wrinkles are almost gone after a facelift, but if your smile is dull, blunt and distorted, you can not only see your age – you could look older. Ironically, improving your smile can now be the least invasive cosmetic procedure. Recent advances in cosmetic dentistry, […]

Ingredients to look for in skin care products

Skin care products ingredients

Ingredients to look for in skin care products The skin ages for chronological and ecological reasons. Increasing age and exposure to pollution and other environmental factors make wrinkles and fine lines more visible. The main factors contributing to the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines are thinner and less firm skin, a reduction in […]