How to choose and use my Lipstick


Lipstick in various forms has been around for about 5000 years because it is the easiest way to add a touch of instant color and give your face a certain lightness. The main problem is that there is no perfect colour to suit everyone. There are no perfect shades, brands or formulas, but these guidelines can help any woman express her mood or personality when she chooses the right lipstick.

Transparent lipsticks: more universal than opaque lipsticks, they are more flattering because they allow you to see your own lip colour underneath. They don’t last as long as other formulas, although they are very moisturizing and easy to wear. Cream-coloured lipsticks are a good middle course, but because they are more opaque, you need to be more demanding when choosing your colours.

Glossy lipsticks: Last longer than transparent formulations and can flatter wearers of any age, unlike shiny eye shadow or rouge. Due to the reflective properties of light, lips look fuller, but remember that shimmering formulations look horrible on dry or brittle lips.

Matte lipsticks: are formulas that last longer than everyone else and are a good choice to make bold statements with. The main problem with this type of lipstick is that it dries the lips quite quickly and as such should not really be worn if you have already dried or cracked the lips.

Lip colors are found in many applicator models, but by far the most popular are those supplied in a stick in spherical holders. As lips are very sensitive to the sun, lipstick formulations with integrated sunscreen are very useful. Lip gloss can be used to give your lips an attractive shine when used alone, or to capture light when applied to your regular lipstick.

If you want to mark an outline on your lips before applying lipstick and lipstick, a lipstick is the best method (also helps to stop bleeding) and is designed for this purpose. For a darker, matte effect, simply apply a lipstick to the entire lip surface. A word of warning when choosing this method is that you may need to apply a lip balm to prevent your lips from drying out.

Choose a color:

There are many traditions that can help in choosing lipstick colors. Some of them say that you should choose rich, deep colors like burgundy or plum red in winter and lighter, pastel tones like pink or lavender in spring. The summer months herald the need for transparent or brilliant formulations and autumn is the time for earthy brown tones. However, lipsticks are used as an expression of yourself, so you don’t have to follow tradition if you don’t want to move forward and experiment.

Colour guidelines :

People with a light complexion will find that a small amount of color will go a long way. In addition, the bright colors look like chaos, so stick to nudes, beige tones, light corals, or light pink. Simple formulas are the most flattering here.

Medium shades are best for purple lipsticks with a brown base or transparent cream berries.

Red, especially with golden instead of blue shades, is the most suitable lipstick colour for people with a whitish complexion. In addition, pink sequins can also be beautiful with both color combinations, which work well in almost all formulas.

The best colors for your lipstick when your complexion is darker are strong, deep shades like burgundy, chocolate or plum that are perfect in any formula.

Lipstick application:

Using a moisturizer over the lips before applying the lipstick usually ensures that the best end result is achieved. The surface of the lip should then be primed with a foundation, making sure every small crack and crevice is covered. A make-up sponge is the best way to do this.

Then use your normal face powder to apply a light dust to the foundation to help your lipstick stay in place longer.

Then draw a tail head.

Tips and tricks:

If there is a difference in proportion or volume to your mouth, then the upper lip usually seems thinner than the lower lip. The lower lip is generally considered the reference point when it comes to keeping the contours of both lips in balance, so the upper lip should be highlighted. In this sense, it should be said that if you pull the upper lip with a pencil, make sure that the width of the lower lip is proportional to the sharp side of the greedy arch to the median slit of the mouth. The shape you give to your Cupids bow is what expresses your mood or personality at that time. If you make him rounder, you will give him a fuller and more sensual smile, while a cleaner and more angular smile will show a confident and outgoing personality.

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