New, Easier Way to a Better Smile Makes a Younger

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With Botox, your forehead could be smooth without age, your wrinkles are almost gone after a facelift, but if your smile is dull, blunt and distorted, you can not only see your age – you could look older. Ironically, improving your smile can now be the least invasive cosmetic procedure.

Recent advances in cosmetic dentistry, such as the new Cerinate Lumineers, are all gains and no pain – radically different from traditional veneers that require teeth to grind and shave for their application.

Made from patented Cerinate porcelain, Lumineers are thin, translucent contact lenses that are applied to the original teeth without removing the sensitive structure of the teeth. Therefore, no injection or anesthesia is required, i.e. there is no pain. In just two short visits, your smile will become more beautiful and, above all, younger – up to 20 years old.

So how can you maintain a youthful appearance without going under the knife?

* Smile more. Trust is sexy and sexy is young. Once you have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, use it well and you’ll get more attention than you did 10 years ago.

* Minimize your makeup. You may think that a heavy foundation covers your wrinkles, but it does just the opposite. The make-up will put on wrinkles and exaggerate them. The same goes for the eye shadow. An intelligent rule of thumb: less is more.

* Run away from the sun. These UV rays are our enemies when it comes to aging. Always use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. Look for skin creams that contain antioxidants such as vitamins C and E for added protection.

* Sleep. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. If you don’t get enough sleep (about seven hours a night), your metabolism and hormone production can be disturbed, which promotes the effects of early aging.

*Improve your posture. Taking calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, but a collapsed bow will make you age immediately. Strengthen your trunk – your abdominal muscles – for a straight back and a larger body. Pilates is a perfect way to improve your posture and give you a longer and slimmer look.

*Rate your wardrobe. Dressing younger doesn’t necessarily mean wearing jeans and super low-bellied shirts. A casual but tailored look keeps you from looking moody and unfashionable. A great T-shirt with tight-fitting pants and great accessories creates a comfortable and trendy everyday uniform.

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